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Last Updated: 8/20/2021 6:55 PM

Carrie Ripy



Director of Technology

Jordan Prather

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Network Administrator

Lisa Allen

Lisa Allen, Technology Trainer

Technology Resource Trainer



Technology Resources for Teachers and Students


School STC STLP Coach STEM
Owen Co Lower Elementary Billie Smith Kathy Spaulding Gail Forsee
Owen Co Upper Elementary Gail Forsee Gail Forsee Gail Forsee
Maurice Bowling Middle Carol Jo Taylor Mandy Parker Mandy Parker
Owen Co High School Susan Young Laura Dorton Tim Lawson



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Technology Plans

Student Personal Information


Student Information in the "Cloud"


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Protecting Student Privacy While Using Online Educational Services (video)

Kentucky state law requires districts to have procedures in place to ensure the privacy and security of student Personally Identifiable Information (PII) stored in Internet-enabled services (the “cloud”) and to ensure that those cloud-based services themselves have their own privacy and security policies and that they do not sell student information for use by others. With that in mind, when loading information into a cloud-based service, ask yourself the following: 
1) Is it necessary? Is there a benefit to having the information in the cloud?
2) If the answer is yes, please refer to the lists below for how PII should be handled for commonly-used websites. (Please note that the list is not a district endorsement of any of these sites).
3) If a website you plan to load PII into is NOT on this list, stop! Contact the district technology department for help.


Owen County Schools HB 5 Compliance List of Providers




Parent Information on Internet Safety


Apps-Parents Need to KNOW (Click Link)

Student Information on Services Available

Free Microsoft Office Downloads for Students (Directions)







Use of Technology and Access to Electronic Media (Acceptable Use Policy) Faculty and Staff

Student Acceptable Use Policy

Social Media Best Practices